Will Roberts Talks ‘Studio City’ Season 2 and the Digital Age

Will Roberts in season 2 of ‘Studio City’. Photo courtesy of ‘Studio City’

Veteran actor Will Roberts has spoken about being a part of the Emmy-winning digital drama series “Studio City” Season 2, where he played Dennis.

“I was very honoured,” he said. “I was absolutely thrilled when Sean Kanan and Michele Kanan approached me and said they had a big role for me in ‘Studio City’ Season 2. Then when I received the script and saw the scenes, I was even more thrilled. When we shot the days we shot the episodes… they were so thrilled with Timothy Woodward Jr., the director, about what was going on between me and the actors that they added scenes.

“It’s always a good thing to walk into a cast like ‘Studio City’ of extremely talented, star-studded people to be asked to do more,” he added.

He was drawn to the role of Dennis for several reasons. “I think what I love most about the character of Dennis is the fact that he’s really not a character I would normally play; However, I’ve spent the last 15 or 20 years being very well known for my on-screen cowboy work and my guns,” he said.

“So when they approached me and said that was the type of character…I was thrilled. Actors, we strive not to be typecast or typecast into certain types of roles. The role of Dennis, watching season 2, you will see that there are many different levels and I also get to play serious and very funny in this series, “he explained.

He had good words about working with the entire “Studio City” cast. “Well, when I arrived and was there on the first day of filming, I specifically remember being seated in a circle of about 10 actors who were pretty much getting ready to do all the scenes like me. “, did he declare.

Roberts continued, “I looked around and saw some of the best talent in daytime TV and I thought… Lock it down and blow it… that’s a term my good friend who no longer with us who worked for disney used to tell me when i was 20. He seems like no matter what is happening around you, you are a star, lock him up and get rid of all the negative parts. It’s also pretty amazing to be able to know that you’re going to be playing back and forth with other great seasoned pros and for that I was absolutely thrilled.

His acting performance in “Studio City” Season 2 was hailed as “commanding.”

Future plans

On his future plans, he shared, “Well I seem to be a bit on the run and I can’t say much but I have some great movies coming out and when I make the announcement I promise you will be the first to know.

“I have a Netflix movie, a Universal movie and a small handful of other projects and fingers are crossed audiences will get to see more of the Emmy-winning StudioCity series… Because it’s gonna get good” , he exclaimed.

The digital age

As an actor in the digital age, he said: “Well you know what to be honest with you, I’ve been doing this for about 40 years acting and being a professional actor, and early in my career, i worked for fox kids as a host and while i was doing that i learned how to film and produce and host and i’m embracing the technology of iPhones and what i can say right now, it’s that it’s the best time in the world in our time to be an actor because we have so many possibilities and so many things to do.

“I’m often asked by actors what do you think is the key to being successful as an actor these days. I say you have to know social media technology, you have to know how to do all these things yourself how to promote a lot of times actors forget that the word ShowBusiness includes the word business… And I can tell you I spend 25 there seven days a week… hours a day focusing on my career… and I mean 25 hours a day “, did he declare.

For young and aspiring actors, he said, “Well, I give the same advice to young actors that I do to older ones and that’s one of the reasons for my continued success and not becoming a professional server… Is the fact that I learned a lot of skills if you find me on Google or my Instagram or any other platform you will see that I have two world records.

“I’m a professional cowboy, I work for Cirque du Soleil and I’m a professional magician…Magic Castle, Magic Circle UK, and that’s one of the main reasons I’ve had a lot of opportunities So I say to young and old who are getting into this business or even some of the veterans, the more skills you have, the more value you have for a product, learn everything.


On his definition of success, Roberts said, “To me, success means doing something that you absolutely love and even though you might not be the richest or the most famous doing it, you wake up every day knowing you have to do it… And you do it and you love the hustle and bustle as much as you love achieving your purpose and your passion.

Roberts concluded of “Studio City,” “Well, one of the things I want to leave people with about Studio City is that I think it was extremely cleverly written and put together and the concept is great. In our age of what I call iPhone-ics (short attention span) addicts, we can only digest small amounts of content. I think the creators of studio city understood that and created the programming style of the future. Fast, entertaining and compelling.

The second season is available now on Amazon Prime Video by clicking here, and it consists of six episodes.

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