Valley residents angry after court rejects Burbank airport review

STUDIO CITY, CA – A Studio City neighborhood group is denouncing a Tuesday court ruling denying a request for Hollywood Burbank Airport to revert to its old flight plans.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied a request by the City of Los Angeles, the Benedict Hills Estates Association and the Benedict Hills Homeowners Association to review a plan to alter new flight paths that residents say from the southeast valley, have become too noisy.

A three-judge panel ruled that the court lacked jurisdiction to consider the city’s complaint against the Federal Aviation Administration because an FAA letter to the city did not constitute a “final order.” Appeals courts can rule on government agency orders only if they are deemed “final.”

“The FAA’s letter did not express a definitive agency position,” Tuesday’s decision said. “The FAA letter does not make a definitive statement about the agency’s position. It briefly comments on an earlier statement made by the city, and it does so to the effect that the agency’s position remains as stated. she was.”

The court noted that it may consider a future appeal.

Studio City for Quiet Skies, which has opposed the new flight plans for years, said in an eBlast that the court “dismissed the motion without addressing the merits.”

“The Court, in its usual deference to the FAA, denied the changes that were made to the 100,000 people whose lives were drastically altered 4 years ago when the FAA suddenly moved the flight path over ‘them,” the group wrote, and said it will confer with another neighborhood group UproarLA moving forward.

The group, along with several other residents of Sherman Oaks, Encino, Toluca Lake and other communities in Burbank’s airport flight path, have long battled a series of new lanes out of the airport that result from a new FAA satellite system called NextGen Metroplex.

Historically, flights from Burbank have flown south and then turned west on the 101 freeway. But newer flights from the airport have flown south toward the Santa Monica Mountains. Similar issues have arisen from Valley residents living within the new Van Nuys airport flight paths.

The city later accused the FAA of “admitting to changing flight procedures” and intentionally directing some flights south before turning north.

The FAA said any change in trajectory is due to weather, pilots and traffic, and does not constitute a permanent change. He said he would continue to analyze the environmental impacts of all his courses.

The South San Fernando Aircraft Noise Task Force, made up of local and state officials representing the affected area, voted to send a series of recommendations to the FAA to mitigate noise concerns.

In July, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer sued the agency over allegations of an incomplete environmental review process for Burbank Airport’s proposed replacement passenger terminal, according to the Daily Breeze. .