Studio City woman shares warning after surgeon allegedly botched chest surgery

“If I could stop someone from having this happen to them, I would feel like I could make sense of what happened to me,” says Wendy Knecht.

The Studio City resident had a horrific experience after a double mastectomy.

“I felt like I had bowling balls hanging from my chest, it was amazing,” Knecht said.

Knecht alleges that her surgeon never told her that he was implanting a medical device that had not been approved by the FDA for breast reconstruction surgery.

“Unbeknownst to us, he had done trials, clinical trials with this product that had not been cleared for breast reconstruction surgery. You could say I was basically a guinea pig,” she said.

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As if that weren’t enough, Knecht later discovered that his surgeon had been paid nearly half a million dollars over a three-year period by the same company that developed the device that ended up exploding in the air. inside his body.

Knecht says, “I didn’t realize the device was experimental or that it was something the doctor was being paid to do.”

Knecht sued the doctor and the case was settled for a million dollars.

But she says: “We settled the lawsuit, there was money, but it made me realize that nothing has changed.”

Knecht turned to state legislator Adrin Nazarian who represents the San Fernando Valley. He says, “It’s important for the public to know what their surgeon or doctor received.”

Assemblyman Nazarian introduced AB 1278. If passed, it will require physicians to annually notify their patients of the Open Payment Database which details amounts received by physicians from pharmaceutical companies and medical devices.

Nazarian says, “It’s just a sunny bill that allows everyone to have more information about the financial relationships between surgeons and various drug and equipment manufacturing companies.”

AB 1278 was approved by the national assembly. He must pass two committees before going to the Senate.

Knecht hopes it will pass. She says, “You have the right to know all the information before you make a decision about your health.”