Setting up a music studio for children in Uganda


So much of the amazing music we listen to and play comes from black culture. Although we appreciate it, we can always do more to express our gratitude.

We have many privileges and economic opportunities. We earn, buy, manufacture, sell. I think it’s fair that we try to distribute some of it to someone who doesn’t have the same buying power.

We are soon going to Uganda, to the Nyege Nyege festival – currently one of the most stimulating and experimental musical environments. We would like to take this opportunity and put together a small studio setup to bring to children in need. I had been in contact with the Kare Afrika organization in Kampala for a year and they told me that they would like to have a sound system in their orphanage. Kids love to dance and play music and giving them tools to make electronic music could be something exciting and added value.

I believe in the healing power of music and meanwhile it cannot replace loving parents, it can help find meaning in this cold and cruel world sometimes.

Things we need for the studio setup:

*Computer (can be a budget computer suitable for music production ~1000eur)

*Sound card (focusrite or alternative ~250eur)

*Microphones (eg rode m5, rode ntg2 ~500eur)

*Software (DAW licenses and other useful plugins, eg FL studio ~300eur)

*Midi keyboard (for example Arturia Keystep, ~150eur)

*Speakers (to be purchased locally ~500eur)

Also welcome:

*Drum machines and synths

*(some) cables

You can help in several ways:

* Donate money to buy materials

* Share this link

* Donate an instrument or item from the list

* Connect us with companies that can support

* Help organize it and contact potential organizations that can donate tools

I will share updates on what is already collected and what remains to be done.

If you want to help in any way let me know ❤️

together we are power!