Sean Kanan explains why he has to charge $0.99/episode to save the show

Cobra Kai Season 5 and Love glory and beauty are two very different shows to watch Sean Kanan on but city ​​of studios is the show he created himself. Kanan plays an actor playing a doctor in a soap opera. Rest assured, there’s just as much drama off-screen as on. Episodes of city ​​of studios are available for $0.99 each on Prime Video. But, Kanan wants Prime to just include them in subscriptions.

Sean Kanan | Nina Prommer/2021 Daytime Emmy Awards via Getty Images

Kanan spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet on August 16 about returning to Cobra Kai. After discussing his return to The Karate Kid To display, Love glory and beautyand his book, The Way of the CobraKanan explained why he had to charge a dollar for city ​​of studios.

If Sean Kanan Didn’t Bill ‘Studio City,’ He Would Disappear

city ​​of studios episodes are 10–17 minutes each. Amazon has decided to cut all these shows short. They did not consult Kanan on the price.

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“I have to tell everyone that I was really unhappy with that,” Kanan told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Amazon was going to get rid of all short form content from its platform. So without even telling us, they just arbitrarily slapped that 99 cent fee on all episodes. We were as surprised to find out as anyone else.

Sean Kanan appreciates your support for “Studio City”

Between the two seasons of city ​​of studios, there are 17 episodes. It was as little as Kanan could charge and keep the show on Prime.

“I wanted to release it so that as many people as possible could see it and create a following,” Kanan said. “I can assure everyone that I am not building my house in Malibu based on the 99 cent fee it generates. But, we didn’t want to remove it from Amazon. So we’re left with asking people to dip into their pockets and pay that $17 for the first two seasons.

This is the reality of the streaming world. Getting your show done is hard enough, but not everyone is featured on the streaming service. If you enjoy work just outside the studio system, your dollars support its continued production and keep it available for purchase.

This is not a teardown of “The Bold and the Beautiful”

They say write what you know, and Kanan knows what it’s like to be on a soap opera. He played Deacon Sharpe on Love glory and beauty For more than 20 years. He’s also been an actor since the 80s. And he tells some personal stories in his book about life above Whiskey A Go Go. Kanan said not to read too much into the soap opera part of City of studios.

“The character is kind of an amalgamation of a lot of my daytime experience, other people’s experiences, and a healthy dose of dramatic license with a dash of satire,” Kanan said.

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