Matthews Studio Equipment Veeboxx – Newsshooter

the Matthews Studio Equipment Veeboxx is a portable softbox that works with Matthews’The claw‘ to help transform Astera 40″ Titan inner tube in a diffuse light source. The claw and VeeBoxx combine to provide a safe and convenient solution for use with Astera Titan tubes.

Main characteristics

  • Three removable diffusion options on the front panel: Voodoo Cloth, 1/2 Grid (Lite) and 1/4 Grid
  • Strategically placed internal and external hook-and-loop fasteners secure the panel to the body and allow for control grid attachment
  • Reflective silver interior maximizes light output
  • Black Ripstop Body Prevents Light Loss
  • Rear zippered opening runs the full length of the body, allows for offset mounting and access to tube controls
  • Body folds accordion style for easy transport
  • The kit includes a small bag of cloth and the claw for a complete mounting system.

The Veeboxx has three removable front panels with different diffusion levels:

  • voodoo fabric
  • 1/2 Grid
  • ¼ Grid

The broadcast is secured by hook and loop. A reflective interior in VeeBoxx maximizes tube output. A rear zippered opening runs the full length of the body allowing easy access to the rear of the fixture.

The claw fits through the back zipper to make it easy to mount the lightweight tube to standard grip heads in a number of ways.

The exterior of the softbox is black Ripstop fabric with silver reflective material on the interior. Designed around the Titan Tube, VeeBoxx’s ingenious design allows it to fold compactly like an accordion, for storage and transport.

Fully assembled, the VeeBoxx measures 109 x 15 cm wide and 14 cm deep and weighs 1.2 kg. The surface of the diffusion panel is 40″ x 6″ / 101 x 15 cm.

Price and availability

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The Claw & VeeBoxx set including a carry bag is available from Matthews Studio Equipment and various distributors worldwide for $449.