LA heavyweights Jon and Vinny head to Beverly Hills, Studio City and the East Coast

It’s a red sauce takeover in Los Angeles, with not one but two new Jon & Vinny restaurant projects in different parts of the city this year. Add in the group’s existing locations, from the original Fairfax to Brentwood and (more recently) all the way to the Slauson stretch of View Park, and it’s more evident than ever that Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo have the city at their fingertips.

The first expansion project is Beverly Hills, with the guys opening in an old brick building at 454 N. Bedford Drive with their partner, collaborator and wine expert Helen Johannesen. That’s according to the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and confirmed by the Jon & Vinny team, who say this new location is expected to be the first to arrive in 2022. Additionally, the space will provide space for a bar stand-alone Helen’s wine bottle, something the band has long wanted to add to its arsenal. Jon & Vinny’s other outlets currently only offer a wine room for take-out bottle sales and on-site consumption, but no stand-alone wine bar space to showcase Jon & Vinny’s considerable skillset. Johannesen. While there’s no firm opening schedule yet, this will be the first of the 2022 lineup – and a massive addition to what’s already one of LA’s hottest dining districts right now. moment.

After Beverly Hills, Valley fans finally get their wish with a likely new Jon & Vinny project set to open along Moorpark Street in Studio City, just around the corner from Tujunga Avenue. The previous tenant is fully condemned and an ABC license is pending for the property, but there are still ongoing administrative considerations that may slow the overall opening schedule. Assuming the good graces of LA’s many permit offices, expect a Jon & Vinny’s to open by the end of the year, with the usual light blond wood and all-day menu like the others – although things are not 100% settled at the moment.

And, finally, it’s rumored that Shook, Dotolo and Johannesen are planning a move to a bustling restaurant town on the East Coast, though rental details are still being negotiated. Not that Angelenos need to get excited about an Atlantic-side Jon & Vinny’s; by the end of the year, Los Angeles will have plenty of pizza, pasta and wine right here at home.