Joey Bada$$ accuses Delta of damaging his studio equipment

Rapper Joey Bada$$ says Delta Airlines mess up his luggage. According to the artist, the carrier damaged his studio equipment during a theft. In a video shared on his Instagram page, Joey reported the incident, showing his studio rig with broken buttons and without its case, DX hip hop reported. The video was reposted by blogger @akademiks last Friday and has reached over 150,000 views so far.

The rapper went to PortlandOregon on Tuesday to perform at the Roseland Theater as part of its 1999-2000 tour.

“Yo Delta, what the fuck is going on?” he says on the video. “You messed up my fucking studio gear, mate. First of all, all that shit had a case on it. Now there is no longer the case f*! & k on it. Y’all busted my fuckin’ buttons like you know how much it cost? You’re going to have to pay it all back.

Furthermore, he demanded that Delta pay for the damage caused, adding that this was not the first time the company had broken its electronic music equipment. “This is the second time you’ve messed up any of my luggage in the last month. Y’all broke my f*!&k RIMOWA bag, I still haven’t paid for it. I’m a fuckin’ diamond medallion member, like, what’s up with you? I need f* answers! &k, Delta.

After seeing that the company didn’t respond, the rapper shot another video, showing his frustration with Delta. This time, Joey Bada$$ demanded $12,000 from Delta Airlines for studio equipment damaged in the past few months.

“$12,000 damage @delta,” he wrote. “Is that how you treat all your diamond medallion members???????” Joey had flown to Portland, Oregon on Tuesday to perform at the Roseland Theater.

You arrive and your luggage is damaged. The way to do it

Airlines have policies to help customers who have problems with damaged baggage. According to Delta, to submit a claim for delayed, damaged or lost baggage, the passenger must complete an online form on its website.

Delta states that if the passenger believes the baggage has been damaged during a flight, the customer should bring it to the Delta Air Lines baggage office immediately upon arrival. “All damages must be assessed in person by a Delta representative at the baggage service desk. A Delta representative will ask you to complete a damaged bag form if necessary. You must report your claim within 24 hours for travel within the States United States, and within 7 days for international travel,” the company says on its website.

The US carrier adds that the passenger must provide the case reference number obtained from the baggage service center at the airport, as well as any supporting documents to process your claim.