How to help with a critical blood shortage in Studio City

LOS ANGELES, CA – Local hospitals such as LAC+ USC Medical Center and the American Red Cross are issuing urgent calls for blood donors this month due to critical blood shortages in the area. The shortage of blood donations in the era of the pandemic continues to be a major concern for the community.

“The current blood shortage is impacting life-saving medical procedures at county hospitals,” the hospital said in a statement Monday. “Without an adequate blood supply, hospitals will be limited in the number of surgeries they can perform. This shortage of blood can also lead to delays and cancellations of scheduled surgeries. This will have an impact on the health of residents who will be forced to delay the care they need. »

Anyone wishing to save a life by donating blood can find the nearest American Red Cross blood donor clinic here. The Keck Medical Center Of USC holds blood drives every month and donors can schedule an appointment here.

LAC+ USC Medical Center is a 600-bed trauma center and teaching hospital operated by the LA County Department of Health Services. He is affiliated with the Keck School of Medicine at USC and the Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health.

Last month, the American Red Cross warned of a dangerously low blood supply both in the country and in the Los Angeles area – and hoped to spark donations by automatically entering donors into a raffle for tickets for the Super Bowl and other awards.

The organization said the COVID-19 pandemic was to blame for the blood shortage, leading to an overall drop of 10% in the number of people donating blood as well as cancellations of blood drives and staffing limitations. . The pandemic also contributed to a 62% drop in blood drives at schools and colleges, the organization said.

“Our inventory is at crisis levels,” said Raahima Shoaib Yazdani of the American Red Cross Los Angeles Area at the time. “Right now, doctors are having to decide which patients get blood transfusions and which should wait.”