Get a Complete PreSonus Studio Setup for Under $200

When it comes to recording music at home, having the right equipment makes a huge difference. You don’t have to break the bank to get great results either – with the Presonus AudioBox Studio package for the special price of $199.99, you can now get a complete studio setup in a small, powerful, and not to mention discounted package.

Recording interfaces are at the heart of any home studio, and the AudioBox USB 96 in the package is a high performer. With two combo inputs available to record both microphone and instrument signals, it easily adapts to all sorts of setups with zero latency, whether you’re a podcaster, singer-songwriter, or band wanting record both guitar and bass. A MIDI in/out also lets you add synthesizers and MIDI controllers to the process. The bundle also comes with two cables, meaning you can plug in, play and record right away.

But what we love most about the USB96 is its durability. Having dropped our own interfaces a few times accidentally, we speak from experience when we say its body – built with a sturdy steel chassis – can withstand a beating. With the device powered by a USB input and weighing just 1.3 lbs (0.59 kg), this means you can record with it on the go, worry-free.

PreSonus digital audio workstation, Studio One. 1 credit

For recording vocals, the PreSonus M7 microphone in the package is a great option. A large-diaphragm condenser microphone, its dynamic range will warm up your mixes, while allowing you to capture subtle nuances in the tracks you record – whether that’s airy vocals, crisp acoustic guitars, or even guitar solos. shiny violins.

You’ll also need precise equipment to properly hear and compose your mixes. PreSonus’ HD7 high-definition headphones will help you do just that with their punchy bass and clear mids. Beyond its great sound, we also love its semi-open-back design, allowing for a comfortable fit that makes long mixing and recording sessions easy, even when you’re playing those riffs hard.

Finally, hardware is nothing without good software to go with it. The package comes with Studio One, a powerful digital audio workstation that will allow you to record, mix, master and perform your music. Our favorite part of using Studio One? Its ease of use, aided by its unique drag-and-drop features, which make chaining effects much more intuitive.

BUY NOW: $199.99